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Too often, confrontation is deemed too ugly to be worth doing.

We all see what has happened, what continues to happen, when we don't address ignorance, prejudice, and hatred.

Worse, meaningful ideas are often lost in insults and reactions, instead of being shared in thoughtful expression.

Or maybe you don't bother, since those discussions are useless.

But if you're not part of the debate, you're perpetuating the problem.

We are losing our way, losing our connections, losing ourselves, when we ignore conflict.

That doesn't mean you have to figure out the discussion on your own.

Conscious Confrontation is a resource for ways to confront conflict respectfully.
For when you recognize prejudice and don't know what to say.
For when you need ideas of how to make honesty compassionate.

Conscious confrontation does not mean that everyone leaves the conversation in agreement.
It means that everyone engages with civility.

Welcome. Join us. Share.

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