"Respect your elected officials."

How often have you heard that line? I encounter it frequently. Here's part of a thread in which someone found it relevant:

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(This post is not intended as a space to debate the power of prayer. Believe what you wish.)

This comment has the oft-stated "We respected and prayed for President Obama"—which, like the power of prayer, is debatable. And frequently disproved.

The dangerous—I mean this very sincerely, DANGEROUS—belief here is this: "us Catholics who have built the most hospitals, institutions of learning, and orphanages, etc., to help create a more well and civilized society." Replace "Catholics" another group, and you'll find someone, somewhere who claims the same thing.

- What a great way for Catholics (in this instance) to ignore their atrocities.
- What a great way to ignore that other people do much good in the world. Charity is one of the 5 pillars of Islam, for example.

The danger—and seeming ignorance—of this comment is what motivated my response:

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For your reference, when you have people insistent that certain religions are completely holy. Atrocities have been committed by all religions. (Even Buddhism.) There is no exception to the tendency towards violence.

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