"Dude, this isn't even real. Don't get caught up in duality."

A friend in the PNW posted this on the eve of Roy Moore's loss for a Senate seat from Alabama:

IMG_2349 edit.png

As someone removed from the region, she is understandably baffled by the political views of white women.

Predictably, someone had this comment:

IMG_2350 edit.png

Ah, the hippie/new-ager has chimed in. For some people, it's easy to roll their eyes at the clueless woo-woo.

For others, that kind of comment can trigger a lot of insecurity. In the way of, "Oh wow, I'm such an idiot! I can't believe I said that when I know I'm so unenlightened."

That comment, though, is just a dose of privilege in denial—the kind that dismisses a dialogue so that the believer doesn't have to face anything difficult.

But my friend who wrote the original post was more than capable of calling bullshit:

IMG_2351 edit.png

Not that you didn't already know the gender and race of this particular hippie/new-ager, but sometimes you have to repeat the obvious for the people who remain willfully ignorant. Just because something isn't "real" for you—probably because of your privilege—doesn't make it "unreal." It just means your perspective isn't real. Stop imposing on people who are facing the real issue.

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