warranted sarcasm

I have a friend in her 50s. She's fed up, y'know? She's lived a long time with all this patriarchal bullshit. Her posts frequently reflect that frustration:

IMG_2402 edit.png

As you can imagine, lots of agreement. But there's always that one person:

IMG_2402 B edit.png

Sigh. SMH. My friend is nothing if not polite:

IMG_2403 edit.png

Through my irritation, though, I saw an opportunity, courtesy of my eloquent friend. So I indulged in some snark, which I rarely allow myself in these kinds of discussions:

IMG_2404 edit.png

I don't really get into the TLA thing that often. So when I do, I'm especially irritated. Despite the insult, my most important intention was to point out an example of #notallmen. And that it's a variation of the attitude that is #alllivesmatter.

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another round of warranted sarcasm

"Dude, this isn't even real. Don't get caught up in duality."