a meme is not the answer

Maybe you saw this floating around the interwebs recently:

IMG_2765 edit.png

Now we know—execution is the answer! Whew, what a relief to understand, finally. Also, execution is simple! Just follow the instructions that fit in this box, in a font just the right size for them to fill the right half vertically.

There were several affirmative responses on my friend's thread. No one identified as a teacher, which meant I didn't care all that much about their uninformed opinions. I chose to mention my relevant experience:

IMG_2766 edit.png

Understandably, someone asked why, and I readily explained:

IMG_2767 edit.png

I feel strongly about my stance. That said, what matters more are the opinions of current teachers, administrators, students, and parents. Rightfully, I defer to their dialogue. I support whatever school communities choose for themselves.

My friend asked if I had other solutions, and I readily answered again:

IMG_2768 edit.png

Which goes back to the title of this post. It lands a little snarky, but I mean it in all sincerity. If a "solution" can be contained in a meme, it's insufficient. Let's stop memeing our answers and dig into real discussions.

To my friend's credit, his post did start dialogue. Not just mine, but other comments. But too often people post memes as a declaration. Like, "Done! Here's what we do!"

Simple images, regardless of the brilliance imparted, are not enough to address multifaceted problems. Save them for when you need simple reminders.

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