a different kind of accountability + a whole lot of deflection

A friend recently posted something that's changed how I view the gun control debate:

IMG_2807 edit.png

This really blew my mind. His logic, as he explained in later comments, was that he supports a larger ban than most gun owners want. Therefore, if those who want to continue owning guns should be accountable to the consequences of shootings. I loved his ideas, and I loved that expressed some so clearly and directly, without aggression.

Many people agreed. But of course, the deflection happened immediately:

IMG_2774 edit.png
IMG_2775 edit.png

"I follow the laws. You know it's hard to tell when people are breaking the law, right? It's not my responsibility to figure out what to do with those people."

This was the gun owner's favorite rationale:

IMG_2778 A edit.png

Did you catch the "not my responsibility" part? No? You'll get it again.

I chimed in, now that this person kept pushing to avoid the discussion. My friend backed me up:

IMG_2778 B edit.png

The more my friend asserted his position, the more I appreciated his reasoning. And the more I witnessed the deflection, the more I realized the people avoiding knew it too.

She kept trying to shirk responsibility:

IMG_2779 edit.png

"AGAIN, it's not my responsibility!"

This time I refuted her refusal to acknowledge responsibility, and my friend backed me up again:

IMG_2780 edit.png

She was determined to avoid, just as I was determined to confront:

IMG_2781 edit.png

"People who break the law are often good at hiding their intentions. Legislators are TOO! How am I supposed to do ANYTHING?"

She kept insisting, to the point that I was fed up. This is about as aggressive as I'll get—I don't call people names; I don't insult anything. But I do curse freely to show my irritation:

IMG_2782 edit.png

My cursing must have hit a nerve, because suddenly her beliefs changed. After 5 comments insisting that she didn't need to be part of the debate, she finally explained that EVERYONE should be part of the debate! Along with the typical ways to stray off topic: bring in families, the media. I was surprised she didn't mention video games:

IMG_2783 edit.png

However, there was a point of confusion I thought worthy of addressing, given her repeated statements of "not my responsibility":

IMG_2785 edit.png

Admittedly, this gets personal for me, given my many years of teaching in schools.

She was so sure at proving me the fool:

IMG_2789 edit.png

Ah yes, ignorance from recalling what one has read! I feel so dissed.

My next 2 comments were screenshots you've already seen above—her explicit statements of "not my responsibility."

Then, AFTER ALL THAT, she finally got a little more articulate. How?

"It is not my responsibility alone."

The only thing beyond that were insults to me—always a sign that she doesn't have actual grounds for her position.

Later in the thread, I commended my friend. He was grateful:

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