why & how to stop being polite

I know many articulate, thoughtful, respectful people. They are constant examples of civil discourse in amidst media that thrives on oversimplified, inflammatory debate.

One time, a few of us ended up discussing the efforts of being polite. It started like this:

IMG_2852 edit.png

Patriarchy never concedes to politeness. Nor does genocide. Or racism.

This is not necessarily a call to violence, for me. But it is a call to speak and act with action to back up your beliefs.

I'm generally not one to give unsolicited advice. But I felt compelled in this case:

IMG_2685 edit.png
IMG_2686 edit.png
IMG_2687 A edit.png

She was appreciative:

IMG_2687 B edit.png

It's important to be respectful. To be civil. But that doesn't mean you have to be polite.

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